Ian Cargill

Personal Statement

"Apart from my involvement in Linkubator since it began in 2004, I run a small accountancy practice which specialises in the provision of hands on financial management to, mainly, start up companies in the technology sector. It’s a great privilege to be able to work with so many smart, entrepreneurial and technically gifted people, and to learn things in one scenario that can be of use to other companies going through similar growing pains."

Professional Experience

In addition to his role as a director and consultant with Linkubator, Ian Cargill runs a financial support and accountancy practice and counts a number of fast-growth SMEs among his clients. Ian is a supremely logical thinker who delivers his judgments and opinions exactly as he sees them, without any veneer or emotion.

For a first-time client, this cold shot of logic can be a shock to the system after the lukewarm, and comparatively expensive, cosseting he/she might be accustomed to receiving from a ‘Big 4’ firm.  But when the client sees the accuracy of Ian’s judgments on financial matters, and his utter dependability in meeting deadlines, the initial experience of shock turns quickly into a feeling of deep security.

He is a Manager leader par excellence. His greatest strengths are his laser-like focus on the facts, allied to an ice-cold objectivity, both of which ensure that the many business plans in which he is involved are produced to the highest quality level.

A further testament to Ian’s reputation for dependability and accuracy lies in the fact that he is retained by a leading venture capital company as a financial adviser and board member of investee companies within its portfolio.

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