Vincent Curran

Personal Statement

"For me, it’s been a career of two halves – about 15 years in IT as a computer programmer (nowadays called a developer!) and systems analyst, followed by 15+ years in HR and training. This gives me a unique perspective on the challenges business leaders face as they strive to combine tight control over systems, processes and technology with the creation of a culture that develops their staff and enables them to perform to their highest potential.  Successful hard-nosed business people need soft skills in abundance.”

Professional Experience

Vince is Training Manager at Linkubator. He is a highly experienced business analyst, consultant, facilitator, trainer and leadership coach.  With a deep understanding of people development, Vince has spent over 20 years designing and delivering high-end training programmes aimed at increasing individual, team and organizational performance.

Over the years he has worked with many companies in Northern Ireland helping them to develop their business by developing their people. The focus of his training is on providing practical tools to enable participants to deliver real results in meeting their personal and business goals.

Qualifications & Memberships

BA (Hons) Philosophy & Psychology, Queens University, 1974 
M Phil Philosophy, University of Ulster, 1977 
Chartered Member, Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, 2010

Personal Interests

Interested in most sports - You name it, I’ve tried it!  Nowadays it’s mostly confined to walking or swimming with the family.

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