Dr Ian McMorris

Personal Statement

"After a considerable period  as the Managing Director of a substantial manufacturing and marketing company, I have returned to consultancy and training.  I now enjoy deploying  my varied experiences to the needs of clients and mentees.  I gain considerable satisfaction from working with these enterprises and seeing them develop and prosper."

Professional Experience

Ian has a long and varied career which started as a research physicist, included spells marketing Pepsi- Cola, representing the Irish Export board in Dublin and Duesseldorf and leading PA's Strategy Practice in Ireland. He became Marketing Director of the Linfield Group before becoming Managing Director of Ulster Weavers HF Ltd. More recently he has joined Linkubator where he is helping developing the Consultancy practice as well as leading the Export Marketing Course.

Ian is a former Chair of the Northern Ireland CBI, member of the Economic Development Forum, the IBEC-CBI Joint Forum, Member of the CCEA Board, Chair of the Lagan College Board, Chair of the FE-HE Connected Programme and Independent Board Member of the Department of Enterprise Trade and Investment. He is currently a member of the Dale Farm Board and is Chair of the NI Council for Integrated Education.

Qualifications & Memberships

BSc & PhD in Physics, University of Ulster
Fellow, Chartered Institute of Marketing

Personal Interests

Skiing, Fitness and Wine

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