John McKee

Personal Statement

“I love selling, and indeed all the business processes that lead to profitable sales.  To my mind, there is no more noble art in business or in life than sustainable sales, and key to this is a fundamental definition: “Every sale is a mutually beneficial transaction.” - the seller is happy with the price they get paid, and the customer is happy to pay it for the goods and services they receive.  Underneath my salesman suit, I’m a closet engineer and have a fascination with all things mechanical, from high-tech product development and production processes through to efficient product packaging.”

Professional Experience

John McKee, BA (Hons), MBA is Chief Executive of Linkubator.  In addition to his Strategic Consulting expertise, he is the international Sales and Leadership specialist on the Linkubator team with direct experience of key business issues such as selling to North American and European markets, sales training, strategy and business leadership. 

John has an extensive track record in engineering mutually beneficial transactions for multinational companies and is passionate about passing his skills and experience onto leaders, top teams and those aspiring to develop their business leadership skills.

He is an experienced Non-Executive Director and Chairman and has also worked with many family owned businesses in succession and strategic planning.

John is co-author of the book "STAR - Leadership Behaviours for Stellar SME growth", Oak Tree Press, 2008

Qualifications & Memberships

BA (hons) Computers and Business Studies, Queen’s University - 1997
MBA Queen’s University - 2000

Personal Interests

The great outdoors and the small-holder lifestyle.

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