Five Foundation Blocks for an Innovation Culture

19th July 2018

By John McKee LinkedIn

1. Innovation = Competitive Advantage. Proactive communication from all leaders in the organisation that maintaining status quo blunts commercial competitiveness and innovation creates competitive advantage: "if we want to win, we have to innovate."

2. All humans are smart. Fundamental understanding, openly recognised by all in a management and leadership position, that everyone in the organisation is clever and can add value to the group beyond their current capability and job role.

3. Leaders develop people. Proactivite effort from all leaders in the organisation to make good on their personal responsibility to develop every individual in their team, supporting them to achieve beyond the limits of current capability and job role.

4. Value creation is a two-way street. Management must ensure that ideas are recognised and continuous improvement for the organisation generates a clear reward for the people who created it.

5. Challenge is healthy. The organisation invites challenge at all levels of responsibility and no one is so senior that their junior cannot make suggestions for team improvements.  

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